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Education in the Face of a Pandemic

Prior to the pandemic schools at every level were dabbling in the world of online classes. College campuses in particular were finding that online coursework was a suitable fit for busy students, adult students, and distance learning students. Even at the elementary level distance learning was creating a solution for students who did not thrive in the classroom or could not attend a physical classroom due to various health conditions.

However, the pandemic has forced schools out of their comfort zone and required most to go completely virtual regardless of their comfort level or grade level. Suddenly students in elementary, junior high, high school, and college were forced to adapt hybrid or virtual learning methods that were foreign to everyone involved.

Pandemic schooling could easily be described as crisis schooling because the premise appears to be the same. Despite having all summer to plan for the new school year, the evolving pandemic and evolving needs of communities and students has forced most school districts and institutes of higher learning to be flexible and roll with continual shifts in learning.

The results? Some students are able to roll with the changes while others are finding the constantly shifting instruction to be confusing and a hindrance to their education. Scoregenics is aware that the technical complexities of online learning combined with the unpredictable nature of the pandemic have hurt students, which is why we are working hard to provide socially distanced online tutoring options to students who need a gentle push to improve their academic performance.

Booking online tutoring for students who are struggling or need in-person test prep to make the most of their virtual learning experience is a great way for parents to safely give their children the support they need to come out of the pandemic successfully. Pandemic education is truly a large-scale social experiment, but online tutoring is a proven educational tool that can help your child navigate through the rocky waters.

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7 Tips for Choosing the Right College

Getting into the top-rated colleges is no joke. SCOREGENICS LLC is a leading affordable academic tutoring hub that’ll guarantee you get into your dream colleges.

We live in a world where one tiny slip in your studies while in high school could very quickly spell a lifetime of regrets. The quality of life you’ll get to experience is hugely impacted by your academic achievements in high school and the college you join. It is for that particular reason; parents go to extreme measures to ensure their kids get all the necessary help and support to pass the college entrance exams. Therefore, before you accept that acceptance letter from that college, here are some issues to ponder on.

  1. Find the best-fit college
    The college you attend will shape and influence your future life. You should ask yourself: Do I relate to the cultures and traditions of this college?
  2. Consultations work
    It’s in your best interest to find out as much information as you can from the campus tours. Try and get the first-hand experiences from the students at the establishment before deciding on the college.
  3. Consider Co-Curricular Activities
    Ensure that you enter a college that offers the extracurricular services you engage in. If you fancy sailing then, make sure it’s offered at the campus.
  4. Family Ties Matter
    You’ll be better off attending the same colleges your parents did. That way, you get to preserve the rich culture of being in the same alma maters.
  5. Consider Debts Incurred
    It’s entirely up to you to decide whether you’d be better off paying for your studies or studying with loans. Be keen on the debt’s terms and conditions to avoid a life of debt, afterward.
  6. Postgraduate Options
    It would help if you looked for a college that offers its students internships and co-op programs to ease the hassles of transitioning into real life.
  7. What are their Institutional values?
    It’s in our best interests to look for campuses that have well-thought-out institutional principles to protect the interests of the students against COVID-19 and any other future pandemics. An ideal college is one that provides students with room and board refunds. A college that operates with a dedicated emergency relief fund ought to be top of your favorites list.

In Conclusion

Don’t take the college picking decision lightly. At the same time, however, don’t allow yourself to be confused by the varying opinions of others. Do thorough research before settling upon a particular campus college to safeguard your future. Most importantly, use the above pointers and trust yourself to pick the perfect learning institution.

Once you find the right college, you’ll need to partner up with refined academic tutoring companies to get help with your college education. SCOREGENICS LLC is an excellent learning platform that promises to keep your grades and confidence up.

What benefits does a student get from a tutor?

At Scoregenics, LLC our tutors help your student develop study skills and learning skills that they will utilize and succeed the rest of their lives.

  • Unique learning experience
  • One-on-one attention
  • Improves classroom performance
  • Better attitude with school and learning
  • Self-paced learning
  • Improves students self-esteem and class confidence
  • Develops good study habits
  • Positive encouragement
  • Independence and responsibility
  • Overcome learning obstacles
  • Confidence to ask questions
  • Learns social skills
  • Help to prepare your student for college

Our Mission

Our mission is to assist all students with education and counseling by sharing the expertise we gained over the years. We look forward to helping our students.