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From One Tutor to Another: Meet Founder Christopher Witte

While Scoregenics may be fairly new, founder Christopher Witte is no stranger to the world of academic tutoring. Inspired by his own success due to the care of mentors and tutors who took the extra time to help him build essential skills, Christopher's goal is to bring affordable tutoring access to students all over the US.

Over the past 20 years, Christopher has watched the rapid evolution of academia throw technology, textbooks, and online classes at students who are struggling to keep up. Today it's not just adults that lead fast-paced lives, but also students, and Christopher's goal is to provide tutoring service that will help them get better grades, increase confidence, and eventually enter their preferred college or career..

Tired of tutors that are too expensive for the average student, Christopher worked hard to find a viable solution- and Scoregenics was born.



  • What can I expect from my tutor? Our students are essential to the future. Therefore, our staff is dedicated to building relationships by being courteous, honest, listen to concerns, and find solutions to make education manageable through with additional resources.
  • My child is very busy with a part-time job and sports, and they do not feel like they have enough time to study or even meet with a tutor. Are the tutors flexible with schedules? Many of our tutors work with multiple students, but they are willing to be as flexible as they can be when scheduling. Research has proven that the students that have regularly scheduled sessions do the best for retaining information and skills.
  • If we need to ask for tutoring on a subject that is not on the account, what do we need to do? Scoregenics goes through a certification process and should be notified by email to ensure the tutor is certified in the new subject and have it added to the account.
  • What is the standard length of a tutoring session? Studies performed by the U.S. Department of education and shared the findings that students earn better grades than the students that do the minimum for schooling. The students that spend 1.5 hours with a tutor a couple of times a week do better retaining the information covered.